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Molded PVC Fittings

Molded Stop Couplings

Molded Stop Couplings are used to join same diameter size PVC pipes. Molded with a center stop for proper seating and depth of conduit joint.

CP05: Coupling, Molded Stop, 0.50 in.

CP07: Coupling, Molded Stop, 0.75 in.

CP10: Coupling, Molded Stop, 1.00 in.

CP12: Coupling, Molded Stop, 1.25 in.

CP15: Coupling, Molded Stop, 1.50 in.

CP20: Coupling, Molded Stop, 2.00 in.

CP25: Coupling, Molded Stop, 2.50 in.

CP30: Coupling, Molded Stop, 3.00 in.

CP35: Coupling, Molded Stop, 3.50 in.

CP40: Coupling, Molded Stop, 4.00 in.

CP50: Coupling, Molded Stop, 5.00 in.

CP60: Coupling, Molded Stop, 6.00 in.

Terminal Adapters

Threaded or Male Adapters are commonly used to connect PVC conduit to a threaded PVC or steel conduit bell. They can also be used to terminate a PVC conduit to a box with the use of a steel or PVC lock nut. One end of this fitting is solvent weld to PVC, the other is male IPS threaded and both fit the same size diameter conduit.

TA05: Terminal Adapter, 0.50 in.

TA07: Terminal Adapter, 0.75 in.

TA10: Terminal Adapter, 1.00 in.

TA12: Terminal Adapter, 1.25 in.

TA15: Terminal Adapter, 1.50 in.

TA20: Terminal Adapter, 2.00 in.

TA25: Terminal Adapter, 2.50 in.

TA30: Terminal Adapter, 3.00 in.

TA35: Terminal Adapter, 3.50 in.

TA40: Terminal Adapter, 4.00 in.

TA50: Terminal Adapter, 5.00 in.

TA60: Terminal Adapter, 6.00 in.

Female Adapters

UL Listed Female Adapters are commonly used to connect threaded steel conduit or connectors to PVC conduit. One end of the fitting is solvent welded to PVC, the other is female IPS threaded, both ends fit the same diameter conduit.

FA05: Female Adapter, 0.50 in.

FA07: Female Adapter, 0.75 in.

FA10: Female Adapter, 1.00 in.

FA12: Female Adapter, 1.25 in.

FA15: Female Adapter, 1.50 in.

FA20: Female Adapter, 2.00 in.

FA25: Female Adapter, 2.50 in.

FA30: Female Adapter, 3.00 in.

FA35: Female Adapter, 3.50 in.

FA40: Female Adapter, 4.00 in.

FA50: Female Adapter, 5.00 in.

FA60: Female Adapter, 6.00 in.


Conduit Bodies

Type ‘LB’

Type ‘LL’

Type ‘LR’

Type ‘T’

Type ‘E’

Type ‘C’

Expansion Joints

PVC two piece expansion joints allow for expansion and contraction of a run of PVC conduit. Amount of travel varies by pipe diameter.

EJ05: Expansion Joint, 0.50 in.

EJ07: Expansion Joint, 0.75 in.

EJ10: Expansion Joint, 1.00 in.

EJ12: Expansion Joint, 1.25 in.

EJ15: Expansion Joint, 1.50 in.

EJ20: Expansion Joint, 2.00 in.

EJ25: Expansion Joint, 2.50 in.

EJ30: Expansion Joint, 3.00 in.

EJ35: Expansion Joint, 3.50 in.

EJ40: Expansion Joint, 4.00 in.

EJ50: Expansion Joint, 5.00 in.

EJ60: Expansion Joint, 6.00 in.

Molded End Bells

Molded End Bells provide a smooth surface at the cut end of the conduit to prevent damage to wires during pulling.

MEB05: Molded End Bell, 0.50 in.

MEB07: Molded End Bell, 0.75 in.

MEB10: Molded End Bell, 1.00 in.

MEB12: Molded End Bell, 1.25 in.

MEB15: Molded End Bell, 1.50 in.

MEB20: Molded End Bell, 2.00 in.

MEB25: Molded End Bell, 2.50 in.

MEB30: Molded End Bell, 3.00 in.

MEB35: Molded End Bell, 3.50 in.

MEB40: Molded End Bell, 4.00 in.

MEB50: Molded End Bell, 5.00 in.

MEB60: Molded End Bell, 6.00 in.

Molded Reducer Bushings

Molded Reducers are used to smoothly transition from one diameter of PVC Conduit to another. Molded Reducers fits inside the bell end or coupling of the larger diameter pipe, the plain end of the smaller diameter pipe is then inserted in to the molded reducer.

MR0705: Molded Reducer, 0.75 in. – 0.50 in.

MR1005: Molded Reducer, 1.00 in. – 0.50 in.

MR1007: Molded Reducer, 1.00 in. – 0.75 in.

MR1210: Molded Reducer, 1.25 in. – 1.00 in.

MR1510: Molded Reducer, 1.50 in. – 1.00 in.

MR1512: Molded Reducer, 1.50 in. – 1.25 in.

MR2015: Molded Reducer, 2.00 in. – 1.50 in.

MR2520: Molded Reducer, 2.50 in. – 2.00 in.

MR3025: Molded Reducer, 3.00 in. – 2.50 in.

MR4030: Molded Reducer, 4.00 in. – 3.00 in.

MR4035: Molded Reducer, 4.00 in. – 3.50 in.